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The Lovely Preservation of a 17th Century Map

A huge wall map, about 1.5m x 2.15m (5’x7′) found stuffed into a chimney in Aberdeen, Scotland last spring, was handed over in a plastic bag to the National Library of Scotland. Resembling a bundle of rags, the map was severely … Continue reading

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T160k is Ceasing Operations

Saying good-bye to one of my favorite crowd-funding sites. This is why and how it was begun: Timbuktu is a legendary name, but it’s also a real city on the edge of the Sahara desert in Mali. In medieval times, … Continue reading

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The Fukuoka Sinkhole, How a Government SHOULD work

Since government is (supposedly) operated with the consent of the governed and is expected to provide for the common good, you’d think that dealing with a disaster like this one as well as the Japanese did would be commonplace. Here’s … Continue reading

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About 100,000 years ago, people with autism were championed, not shunned, and may even have shaped human evolution

Just let me say, on behalf of my fellow Aspies, you’re welcome. A University of York study found that roughly 100,000 years ago, primitive societies stopped shunning people with autism — in fact, they were embraced as respected specialists in … Continue reading

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Discovered : The Oldest…

The opening months of 2016 have been filled with numerous discoveries that pushed back further into the shadows of the past our understanding of our ancestors and their technology. In August I posted here about the 50,000 year-old Denisovan needle. The Denisovans … Continue reading

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Star Trek Sets Sail on Star Date -356312.86285514967

5o Terran Years ago tonight, on the Star Date above (Sept. 8 1966) Star Trek was launched across American TV screens. I watched it with my mom. To celebrate the anniversary, the Smithsonian’s National Air & Space Museum restored the … Continue reading

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Normandy Tank Museum Collection to be Sold in September

One of the world’s greatest collection of WW2 armor and support vehicles is to be broken up and sold this September 18th. French tank specialist and enthusiast, Patrick Nerrant started building his collection of armored vehicles from the Second World War … Continue reading

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Haighters Be Haightin’

These images were collected for my QR mural on Masonic Ave at Haight. Here’s a Google Street View shot of me at work on it: I generated the QR code at this site, a QR code generator that was a gift to the Internet … Continue reading

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