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The Fukuoka Sinkhole, How a Government SHOULD work

Since government is (supposedly) operated with the consent of the governed and is expected to provide for the common good, you’d think that dealing with a disaster like this one as well as the Japanese did would be commonplace. Here’s … Continue reading

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About 100,000 years ago, people with autism were championed, not shunned, and may even have shaped human evolution

Just let me say, on behalf of my fellow Aspies, you’re welcome. A University of York study found that roughly 100,000 years ago, primitive societies stopped shunning people with autism — in fact, they were embraced as respected specialists in … Continue reading

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LEGO Releases First Wheelchair-Using Minifigure

The first ever Lego figure in a wheelchair has been spotted at the Nuremberg and London toy fairs, featuring a beanie-hatted character alongside a helper dog. The figure was captured in photos by the Promobricks blog, and shared on the Bricksfans website. The figure features alongside … Continue reading

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