Haight Ashbury  Street Fair Posters

Today I finally got around to hanging up my rather extensive Haight Ashbury Street Fair poster collection. Every year the Fair holds a contest to select the poster and the artist gets $500.


I also included a couple of non street fair posters:

A 1967 Diggers Clean-In and a HA Free Clinic 25th Anniversary

Here’s a pan shot:

And wide views:

Also in that foyer is this:

That’s the original Orpheum (“Built at a cost of $1,000,000!) and a collection of actors’ promo and tobacco cards of that era that I bought in 1976 in a Tenderloin bookstore.

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4 Responses to Haight Ashbury  Street Fair Posters

  1. Ron Burson says:

    Great Collection. Hope You donate the collection to an organization, that will allow the public to see.


  2. Rob Rynski says:

    Nice collection Stan.


  3. didak says:

    I have the 1982 one (along with a couple others) and still think it’s the prettiest.


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