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New flying reptile species was one of largest ever flying animals

Cryodrakon boreas, from the Azhdarchid group of pterosaurs (often incorrectly called ‘pterodactyls’), was a flying reptile with a wingspan of up to 10 metres which lived during the Cretaceous period around 77 million years ago. Its remains were discovered 30 … Continue reading

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Fancy & freaky fucking footwear!

Along with some other lower limb oddities.

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My Building Museum

After my HASF posters post I received several requests for views of the rest of the building. Since I became manager in the 1990s I have turned it into a museum of San Francisco & California memorabilia. The tour starts … Continue reading

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Haight Ashbury  Street Fair Posters

Today I finally got around to hanging up my rather extensive Haight Ashbury Street Fair poster collection. Every year the Fair holds a contest to select the poster and the artist gets $500.   I also included a couple of … Continue reading

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For Sale: 1939 Porsche Type 64  

1939 Porsche Type 64 RM | Sotheby’s – MONTEREY 15 – 17 AUGUST 2019 A strive for technological advancement in motor car performance drove the motorsport industry in the 1920s and 1930s, resulting in some of the most iconic race … Continue reading

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Scored a Righteous T @ Haight Ashbury Today

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San Francisco MUNI in the 1970s 

When I moved here in 1976 I was dating a woman who lived on Russian Hill and after being fortunate enough to spend the night with her I would take the cable car to my job near Union Square. I … Continue reading

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This concrete parking strip on Haight Street near Masonic Ave was installed in 1968. As part of the new improvement plan the section with this graffiti was removed and tomorrow it will likely be demolished. To take a few last pictures … Continue reading

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An Ex-Army Medic’s Collection

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Astronomers Make Massive Discovery on the Far Side of the Moon | Smithsonian

A 1,200-mile-wide crater on the far side of the moon was formed when a huge asteroid with a heavy metal core smashed into the lunar surface billions of years ago. When that happened, the asteroid drilled through layers of the … Continue reading

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