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This concrete parking strip on Haight Street near Masonic Ave was installed in 1968. As part of the new improvement plan the section with this graffiti was removed and tomorrow it will likely be demolished. To take a few last pictures … Continue reading

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Ten Years After: Remembering Pablo Heising

On Boxing Day 2006 my friend Pablo Heising walked out of the Cole Café, laughing at a joke told to him by the Captain of Park Station SFPD, took a sip of his morning latté, and died. The cop gave … Continue reading

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Jerry Garcia’s Letters to Vogue Model Kim Alexis, 1982

Letters from Jerry Garcia to Kim Alexis, 1982 In the summer of 1982 Grateful Dead vocalist Jerry Garcia (August 1, 1942 – August 9, 1995) wrote a letter to Vogue cover model Kim Alexis who he’d met in New York. The letter is in two … Continue reading

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KKK Flyers Appear in Haight Ashbury, Haight Responds Brilliantly

This is the original flyer that reportedly appeared on a few doorsteps in the Haight: A day later this appeared on poles up and down Haight Street: I think I’m in love with the Loyal White Lady Ally of the Haight! … Continue reading

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New Hammer Graces Roberts Hardware

This 5 ft. tall styrofoam-based, polyurethane-coated hammer sculpted by Sean Mason, artist and fellow Roberts employee, has replaced the old 2D plywood one on the front of the building:

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Bill Graham at the CJM

This is a wonderful show that is as much about the last 50 years of the San Francisco music scene as about Bill. I highly recommend it. Here’s the QR code for Bill’s narration  which will take you here: http://billgrahamaudiotour.toursphere.com/en/index.html

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Jacked Up on Marijuana!

Careful boys and girls! If you get jacked up on marijuana like this poor girl in pink capri slacks and a green and brown blouse (an outfit that is a dead giveaway that the wearer is an acid-head) you might … Continue reading

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Spotted Myself on Google Street View

Poking around the neighborhood on Google Street View I came across this image of myself painting my QR mural on Masonic at Haight: The 8’x8′ (2.6m x 2.6m) QR code takes you to an album on this blog with over 200 … Continue reading

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Haighters Be Haightin’

These images were collected for my QR mural on Masonic Ave at Haight. Here’s a Google Street View shot of me at work on it: I generated the QR code at this site, a QR code generator that was a gift to the Internet … Continue reading

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Haight at Ashbury ground score

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