The Fukuoka Sinkhole, How a Government SHOULD work

Since government is (supposedly) operated with the consent of the governed and is expected to provide for the common good, you’d think that dealing with a disaster like this one as well as the Japanese did would be commonplace.

Here’s video from several angles as the street in Fukuoka, Japan opened up and collapsed on Nov. 8, 2016:

And here is a time-lapse of its 7 day repair condensed into 2 minutes and 19 seconds ending on 15 Nov:

Having seen first hand how my nation’s own government dealt with the repair of the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge, New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and the WTC after 9/11, I see that such action is, here at least, the exception rather than the rule.

And sadly, given the recent election I don’t see attention to repair of our infrastructure increasing in the near future.

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