Stan Flouride

Bio: THIS BLOG IS ALWAYS AD-FREE I make stuff and do things.

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19 Responses to About

  1. Naomi says:

    Hi Stan
    Trying to reach you re a poster. Please email me hope you are well and happy
    Naomi off the wall posters


  2. rcrumbzap says:

    Hey nice blog!


  3. the picture you have up of the girl with bike is a stolen version of my artwork.http://re-evolutionarts.deviantart.com/art/Who-s-next-495196335 could you please remove it or use the only the original version?


  4. Cary says:

    I don’t see an RSS feed to subscribe to. Am I missing it?


  5. Carol says:

    Um, that should say “Carol”


  6. Jet says:

    Hey Uncle Stan. Haven’t heard from you in a while. Just found out I can sign up for your blog and that you have a website. Awesome stuff. Hope all is well. Talk to you soon. Love ya.


  7. Mark Midgett says:

    I miss you.


  8. Barbie Watts says:

    Stan, tried leaving a message, but didn’t realize the hoopla over the FB acct. thingee, so am trying to do it again with my google blog which I can’t sign into right now anyway.. they want my phone number. just not feeling it.. you know? anyway, Barbie, from looooong time ago, sez, hey, want to stay in touch… really like your blog, will keep track of you that way. Be well, Bar-bee Save the Bees


  9. ewyliejames says:

    Just one of the ca. 9 billion. Originally impressed by your Time Team comments (fellow addict), now by your politics and delicious quirkitude; long may you quirk.


    • Hi Betsy, Nice to meet you.
      Once upon a time I lived in ABQ. I was the day manager/prep cook at Carraro’s Pizza, which I understand is still there and whose owner, a ‘made’ guy (in the Sicilian sense) served on the city council of some such.
      I was there for about 10 months in ’75-’76, just before I moved to San Francisco.
      While I lived there I worked as a male stripper at a women-only bar out on Central past Juan Tabot.
      I’ll email you the memoir about it if you like.


  10. John George says:

    So here’s where you went after Facebook…


  11. rick bennett says:

    Stan! For whatever cosmic reason I was thinking about you today and ‘Googled’ you (hope it didn’t feel to strange…). Great to read your blog and know that you are still keeping it sane. This is rick bennett. I was a neighbor at Golden Gate Ave. I still have an incredible post-card that you sent from Venezuela. It’s always a ‘read’ that makes me smile and think BIG.


  12. Meg says:

    Hi Stan, Meg here! I was thinking of you tonight after Ward posted that he’s going to see the DKs in Berkeley next month (or something like that). Hope all is well with you. I want to take your tour next time I visit The CIty!


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