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The honeymoon ends when the last bangle breaks

This colorful photo was the Wikipedia Image of the Day a few days ago and I loved the ritual described in the caption: Photograph: Muhammad Mahdi Karim Bangles on display in Bangalore, India. These rigid bracelets are usually made from metal, … Continue reading

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House Hunting like a Russian Billionaire 

I can’t believe I never googled Russian real estate before! We all know our friends from the former Soviet Union have a special kind of taste when it comes to interior design, but with a limitless decorating budget, it just … Continue reading

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The Amazing Art of Perfectionist Adam Hillman

Visual artist Adam Hillman is completely obsessed with arrangements and aesthetics. He spends hours putting items in the perfect positions so he can take incredible photographs of mundane things. His His ideas are simple, but they’re also extremely satisfying. Source: … Continue reading

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Discovered : The Oldest…

The opening months of 2016 have been filled with numerous discoveries that pushed back further into the shadows of the past our understanding of our ancestors and their technology. In August I posted here about the 50,000 year-old Denisovan needle. The Denisovans … Continue reading

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Tiffany Baze’s Make-up Should Keep You Up at Night

Okay, here is 17 year-old Tiffany wearing her regular look. A nice looking, very pretty young lady. Like many young women her age she is obsessed with make-up. Unlike the rest, she is a twisted genius. Try to remember that picture is … Continue reading

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Why do we tap our feet to a musical beat? — ScienceDaily

Investigators have explored the theory behind the relationship between musical sound and body movement. Research shows that people tend to perceive affinities between sound and body motion when experiencing music. The so-called ‘motor theory of perception’ claims these sound and body … Continue reading

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New Hammer Graces Roberts Hardware

This 5 ft. tall styrofoam-based, polyurethane-coated hammer sculpted by Sean Mason, artist and fellow Roberts employee, has replaced the old 2D plywood one on the front of the building:

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More (Incr)Edibles

A collection of stuff about what we cram into our maws. Basically food porn.

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Robot Says She Wants To Destroy Humans

I think it’s safe to say that when she stops talking to us is when we should be nervous.  

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Barbie Has a New Body

Actually, she has 3 new bodies (available starting today).  They’ll all be called Barbie, but it’s the curvy one—with meat on her thighs and a protruding tummy and behind—that marks the most startling change to the most infamous body in the world. … Continue reading

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