House Hunting like a Russian Billionaire 

I can’t believe I never googled Russian real estate before! We all know our friends from the former Soviet Union have a special kind of taste when it comes to interior design, but with a limitless decorating budget, it just gets even better. I decided to window shop with Sotheby’s Realty, which has, shall we say,  a colorful portfolio of properties in and around Moscow for the super-rich. I toured each and every gilded, pimped-out, kitsch-tastic home on their list and narrowed it down to my favorite 10.

1)“Five-room apartment in the Empire style is for the sophisticated buyer and the connoisseur of luxury.”

And it’s a bargain at $5,775,000. See the full listing here.

2) This next one looks like it should ‘TRUMP’ somewhere on the outside, doesn’t it? All yours for $12,500,000. Listing here.

3) These townhouses are a 21st century Potemkin village, intended to look the French coastal town of Deauville.
Snap up your new bedroom home for just $2,250,000!

4) How about this hunting lair for the quiet moments between taking on the latest version of 007?

For sale at $1,425,000. Listing here 

5) If you can afford this multi-level penthouse apartment you’re probably not interested in having to go up and down stairs so it has an elevator in every room!

All that for $2,000,000. Full listing here.

6) Come in out of the Cold War with this Brezhnev era spa dacha.

Going for a bargain basement $6 million. Listing here.

7) This lovely cottage is a bibliophile’s dream house. Not too impressive on the outside:

But spectacular on the inside, especially if you love the printed word:

With a nice nook to while away the hours with your favorite tome:

And in addition to the inside pool above, there’s a built-in pizza oven!

Listed here for $5,900,000.

8) This one is called “Black Sugar” which I can only assume is the name of next designer drug to sweep the club scene.

Price reduced from $ 9,000,000 to $ 3,800,000blacksugar-930x619

blacksugar2blacksugar4 blacksugar3

9) Seems to be trying to look like a remodeled church or monastery. If you are interested in starting your own cult you could do worse.

A steal at $3,600,000

ruchchurch6-930x627 ruschurch1-930x627 ruschurch2-930x627ruschurch3-1-930x627 ruschurch5-930x627

And finally, Number 10, an open floor plan (i.e., single room) dacha is a bargain at $30,000. It’s the perfect place to get away from it all:

cabinforest-930x627 cabin2-930x627 hunting3-930x627 putin-930x627 hunting4-930x627

There’s an seemingly endless rabbit hole of others to explore here. But you’ll probably want to use Google Translator to make exploration easier.


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