Tiffany Baze’s Make-up Should Keep You Up at Night

Okay, here is 17 year-old Tiffany wearing her regular look. A nice looking, very pretty young lady. Like many young women her age she is obsessed with make-up. Unlike the rest, she is a twisted genius.

PIC FROM MERCURY PRESS (PICTURED: ) A teen creates amazing gory looks using make-up after experimenting with Halloween make-up.   Tiffany Baze, from Willits, California, started playing with her mumís make-up when she was just 12 and loved experimenting with new looks.   The 17-year-old stumbled on her hobby a couple of years ago after experimenting with fake blood and liquid latex at Halloween.   When she first started posting her work on her social media, she received some nasty comments but says itís what she loves doing so doesnít let it bother her.   Tiffany, who has just finished school and does special effects make-up full time, said: ìMost are positive saying they thought it was real or they really like it, but occasionally there will be a few people saying some nasty things to me. SEE MERCURY COPY

Try to remember that picture is up here when you need a break from her wonderfully horrifying creations below. She is self-taught and uses mostly homemade products for her work. She has ambitions to be a movie SFX artist. I think she has a great career ahead of her.

Here’s her Frostbite Series:

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 4.30.24 PM

Okay, let’s take a break. Here’s her tutorial video about creating a bruise with eye shadow:

Here’s her Youtube channel (which so far only has two videos and a few hundred subscribers but I expect that to change)

And she seems to love dismembering and disfiguring her limbs:

She uses baker’s clay for this de-gloved finger’s bones:

Not sure what this is going to be but it gives some insight into her technique:

And of course she is great at cosplay:

You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram if you need something  to haunt you in your sleep.

Source: Tiffany Baze (@tiffanybazesfx) | Insharee

Sweet dreams!

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  1. cwoverfi says:

    Question is – what sort of dreams does Tiffany have? (at the risk of sounding demented, I loved this post)

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