LEGO Releases First Wheelchair-Using Minifigure


The first ever Lego figure in a wheelchair has been spotted at the Nuremberg and London toy fairs, featuring a beanie-hatted character alongside a helper dog.

The figure was captured in photos by the Promobricks blog, and shared on the Bricksfans website. The figure features alongside an ice-cream vendor, cyclist, picnickers and more, in a new park scene from the company’s City range.

Eloquently described on the Bricksfans‘ website:
For a number of months a social media campaign called Toys Like Me has called upon toy makers including LEGO, to start featuring more characters and toys that reflect real life a little more. This is to help children who can sometimes feel a little different if they suffer from various life altering illnesses. Especially if they have visual differences like hearing aids, being in a wheelchair or other such special qualities.

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