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ABC Scrap Books

A few years ago I went to New York City for my daughter Aurora’s graduation from NYU and during my stay in there I created this alphabet of collected images.  (the ‘C’ is a link of chain, not dog feces, honest)   … Continue reading

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Frieda reaches out to Georgia

  When Alfred Stieglitz found out that his protégé Georgia O’Keeffe had accepted a commission to paint the women’s powder room at Radio City Music Hall without his approval he was furious. Having met Diego Rivera and his wife Frieda … Continue reading

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What Geology Has to Say About Building a 1,000-Mile Wall on the Mexican Border

Much of the resistance to Drumpf’s edicts comes not from the media, or Democrats, or the millions of people who voted against him, it comes from science. You know, actual facts, not ‘alternative’ (i.e. made up) facts. Many of the … Continue reading

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Sunlit Cenote

Photo by Terry Steeley In 5 weeks I’ll be in the Yucatan and diving in a cenote is on my must list of things to do there. Here’s the photographer’s description of this magical image: “Timed right, diving a cenote … Continue reading

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I am trying out my Android pad for 1st time

I bought a pad to take with me on vacation. This is a test post. My birth month

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