ABC Scrap Books

A few years ago I went to New York City for my daughter Aurora’s graduation from NYU and during my stay in there I created this alphabet of collected images.  (the ‘C’ is a link of chain, not dog feces, honest)


And when I took a volunteer vacation in Mexico a few years ago, I created this one in the Ciudad Mexico:


When I went to the UK for the 60s exhibit  You Say You Want a Revolution at the Victoria & Albert Museum I created 2 collections, one in London:


And one on the Brighton Pier:


And recently it occurred to me that while I live in one of the most colorful and popular tourist destinations in San Francisco, the Haight Ashbury, I had never created one for it. It took me about an hour to gather them today:


Looking back at the albums from previous years brought a flood of very enjoyable memories.

I’m headed back to NYC to see Aurora get her well-earned Masters degree and am planning to create another.

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