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Watts Towers

Glad to finally Simon Rodia’s amazing sculptures in person. They’re undergoing major restoration so we couldn’t get in but I still enjoyed them.

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Watts Towers

Glad to finally see

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Free Coffee for TSA

Today I bought a 30 cup catering container to give to the TSA folks who are being forced to work without pay

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Homies Go Low

I found this 2001 trophy from Lowrider Clothing on the corner of Haight & Ashbury on my way to work many years ago. When David Gonzales’ ‘Homies’ first came out in the early Noughts I spent a small fortune collecting … Continue reading

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Norman Just Wants You to Be Clean

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Scientists Place Trump’s Face in Baboon Feces

I strongly suspect that it was revealed by the illustrator or the scientists who published the paper. What’s the point of a great prank if you’re the only one who knows about it. On 31 January 2018, Kenneth Chiou and … Continue reading

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Wonderful Idea for Bus Drivers to Learn What it Feels Like to Be a Bicyclist

In Cariacica, Brazil, part of the bus driver training is to have the drivers ride on a stationary bike while a bus zooms by them at top speed, to give them a sense of how cyclists feel. What a brilliant … Continue reading

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Coca-Cola May Make Marijuana-Infused Drinks After Partnering With Cannabis Company: Report

Wanna get high on Coke? Back in the 60s one of the most enduring urban myths was that Big Brands, Inc (take your pick of which one) had trademarked/copyrighted/registered the name Panama Red/Acapulco Gold/Thai Stick (pick your popular choice). Fifty … Continue reading

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Laughing gas may have given breath to life

If you’re of the opinion that Life has an inherent (and rather twisted) sense of humor, this may explain why- Laughing gas and the mystery of Carl Sagan’s Faint Young Sun Paradox: When the sun shone dimmer an eon ago, … Continue reading

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The Igloo™ igloo

I see what you did there.

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