Wonderful Idea for Bus Drivers to Learn What it Feels Like to Be a Bicyclist

In Cariacica, Brazil, part of the bus driver training is to have the drivers ride on a stationary bike while a bus zooms by them at top speed, to give them a sense of how cyclists feel.

What a brilliant idea!


And here’s some Wheeeels! fun images:

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Coca-Cola May Make Marijuana-Infused Drinks After Partnering With Cannabis Company: Report

Wanna get high on Coke?

Back in the 60s one of the most enduring urban myths was that Big Brands, Inc (take your pick of which one) had trademarked/copyrighted/registered the name Panama Red/Acapulco Gold/Thai Stick (pick your popular choice). Fifty years later we now know those myths were just that but with the growing legalization of pot and the accompanying billions of dollars in revenue, Big Brands have started looking at opportunities.

The worldwide recognized soda brand was reportedly in “serious talks” with Aurora Cannabis Inc. to develop a marijuana-infused range of drinks.

Kent Landers, a spokesman from Coca-Cola, however, did not accept or deny that the company was trying to negotiate a deal with Aurora, although he did drop a pretty big hint.

He told BNN Bloomberg “along with many others in the beverage industry, we are closely watching the growth of non-psychoactive CBD as an ingredient in functional wellness beverages around the world. The space is evolving quickly. No decisions have been made at this time.”

Source: Coca-Cola May Make Marijuana-Infused Drinks After Partnering With Cannabis Company: Report

And while on the subject of intoxication, here’s an album of related images-


In this April 12, 2018, photo, nugs of marijuana await packaging at the Hollingsworth Cannabis Company near Shelton, Wash. America’s marijuana supporters have a lot to celebrate on this 420 holiday: Thirty states have legalized some form of medical marijuana, according to a national advocacy group. Nine of those states and Washington, D.C., also have broad legalization where adults 21 and older can use pot for any reason. Michigan could become the 10th state with its ballot initiative this year. Yet cannabis remains illegal under federal law, and it still has many opponents. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

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Laughing gas may have given breath to life

If you’re of the opinion that Life has an inherent (and rather twisted) sense of humor, this may explain why-

Laughing gas and the mystery of Carl Sagan’s Faint Young Sun Paradox: When the sun shone dimmer an eon ago, Earth remained warm in spite of it likely thanks to a mix of greenhouse gases. Biogeochemists have now shown how N20, known today for its use as a dental anesthetic, may have made it into the mix.

Source: Laughing gas may have helped warm early Earth and given breath to life — ScienceDaily

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The Igloo™ igloo

I see what you did there.iglooigloo

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Signs of the Times

As part of the renovation and improvement of Masonic Avenue, a welcome project for me since I regularly bicycle on it and enjoy its newly smooth surface and separated bike lanes, there has been installed this delightful bit of public art in the triangular space at the intersection of Geary Blvd. and Masonic Ave:

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 12.26.33 PM

The acacia trees that once covered this traffic island had nearly reached the end of their natural lifespan and their roots had begun to crack the concrete so they were replaced with Canary Island date palms (*Phoenix canariensis).
*Given that the phoenix is the City’s symbol and is on our flag, there’s a nice synchronicity to this choice.

Amidst the palms are 3 pillars with arrows show direction and distance to places near and far. I’m sure the work has a name but as the construction of the brickwork surface is still going on, no identifying plaque has yet been added.


Distant places

farofffull2farofffull3 copyfarofffull4 copy


Medical and Social Network sites



Local spots


The three sign posts seem to be divided among distant places, medical and care facilities, and local places.

These are the same images enlarged and cropped:

There is not yet a clue as to the criteria for selection and many of the arrows are left blank. This may be for future spots but I haven’t a clue yet.
I will update the title and other info as it becomes available.


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Someday Funnies XXI

Mostly comics but a bunch of other things I’ve found amusing.

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Detritus of Dope


With the exception of the wooden stash pipe at the bottom that I bought at the Psychedelic Shop soon after my arrival in San Francisco in 1976, everything including the flag, in this display was found (or given to me) in the Haight over the last couple of years.
Gee, it’s almost as if potheads were forgetful or careless…

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My Daughter Receiving Her Master’s Degree

From NYU IN Applied Psychology.

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Costume Institute’s exhibition focuses on fashion and the Catholic imagination

Imagination, on view from May 10 through October 8, 2018 is on view at The Met Fifth Avenue—in the medieval galleries. The thematic exhibition features a dialogue between fashion and masterworks of medieval art in The Met collection to examine fashion’s ongoing engagement with the devotional practices and traditions of Catholicism.
A group of papal robes and accessories from the Vatican serves as the cornerstone of the exhibition, highlighting the enduring influence of liturgical vestments on designers.
“The Catholic imagination is rooted in and sustained by artistic practice, and fashion’s embrace of sacred images, objects, and customs continues the ever-evolving relationship between art and religion,” said Daniel H. Weiss, President and CEO of The Met. “The Museum’s collection of Byzantine and western medieval art, in combination with the architecture and galleries that house these collections at The Met, provide the perfect context for these remarkable fashions.”
“Fashion and religion have long been intertwined, mutually inspiring and informing one another,” said Andrew Bolton, Wendy Yu Curator in Charge of The Costume Institute. “Although this relationship has been complex and sometimes contested, it has produced some of the most inventive and innovative creations in the history of fashion.”

The exhibition features approximately 40 ecclesiastical masterworks from the Sistine Chapel sacristy, many of which have never been seen outside the Vatican. Encompassing more than 15 papacies from the 18th to the early 21st century, these masterworks are on view in the Anna Wintour Costume Center galleries and include papal vestments and accessories, such as rings and tiaras. The last time the Vatican sent a loan of this magnitude to The Met was in 1983, for The Vatican Collections exhibition, which is the Museum’s third most-visited show. 


Providing an interpretative context for fashion’s engagement with Catholicism are more than 150 ensembles, primarily womenswear, from the early 20th century to the present, on view in the Byzantine and medieval galleries, in part of the Robert Lehman Wing, and at The Met Cloisters alongside medieval art from The Met collection. The presentation situates these designs within the broader context of religious artistic production to analyze their connection to the historiography of material Christianity and their contribution to the construction of the Catholic imagination. 

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How to tell EXACTLY how many cuts, scrapes, & scratches you have on your hands

Turn the above into that which is below:

About 2.5 Liters of Meyer lemon juice

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