Old Movie Mash-Up to ‘Uptown Funk’

A mash-up video created by YouTube user Nerd Fest UK incorporates 83 clips from 66 films from the Golden Age of cinema and sets them to Bruno Mars‘  “Uptown Funk.”

This insanely clever creation blends 66 vintage movies and a modern pop hit to mold something nearly perfect. The tendency of the brain to automatically synchronize visuals to a sound track is called ‘Mickey Mousing’ (after the Sorcerer’s Apprentice sequence in Fantasia) but this is far more than that.
Put it on full screen and dig it:

Here is a full list of the films and the major performers (distinct film numbers in square brackets):

1. [1] Red-Headed Woman (1932) – Jean Harlow.                                                           2. [2] The Littlest Rebel (1935) – Shirley Temple and Bill Robinson.                   3. [3] The Barkleys of Broadway (1949) – Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.        4. [4] Sensations of 1945 – David Lichine and Eleanor Powell.                             5. [5] Broadway Melody of 1940 – Fred Astaire.                                                         6. [6] Honolulu (1939) – Eleanor Powell and Gracie Allen.                                    7. Broadway Melody of 1940 – Fred Astaire.                                                               8. [7] Lady Be Good (1941) – Eleanor Powell.                                                              9. [8] Girl Crazy (1943) – Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney.                               10. [9] You Were Never Lovelier (1942) – Rita Hayworth and Fred Astaire.       11. Broadway Melody of 1940 – Eleanor Powell and Fred Astaire.                      12. [10] Take Me Out to the Ball Game (1949) Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly.

13. [11] Colleen (1936) – Ruby Keeler and Paul Draper.                                         14. [12] Gilda (1946) – Rita Hayworth.                                                                        15. [13] It Happened in Brooklyn (1947) – Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Durante. 16. [14] Animal Crackers (1930) – Groucho Marx.                                                     17. [15] For Me and My Gal (1942) – Judy Garland and Gene Kelly.                    18. [16] Summer Stock (1950) – Judy Garland.                                                           19. [17] The Little Princess (1939) – Shirley Temple.                                              20. The Barkleys of Broadway (1949) – Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.          21. [18] Easter Parade (1948) – Ann Miller.                                                               22. [19] Second Chorus (1940) – Fred Astaire.                                                          23. [20] Footlight Parade (1933) – James Cagney and Ruby Keeler.                    24. [21] Kiss Me Kate (1953) – Bob Fosse and Carol Haney.                                    25. [22] The Pirate (1948) – Gene Kelly and the Nicholas Brothers.                26. [23] Carefree (1938) – Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.                                27. [24] On the Town (1949) – Frank Sinatra, Jules Munshin, Gene Kelly, Betty Garrett, Ann Miller and Vera Ellen.

28. [25] Gold Diggers of Broadway (1929) – Chorus               .                                 29. [26] The Gay Divorcee (1934) – Fred Astaire.                                                      30. [27] A Day at the Races (1937) – Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers.                              31. [28] Go Into Your Dance (1935) – Al Jolson.                                                          32. [29] Stormy Weather (1943) – the Nicholas Brothers.                                     33. [30] Babes on Broadway (1941) – Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney.           34. [31] Ship Ahoy (1942) – Eleanor Powell.                                                              35. [32] The Sky’s the Limit (1943) – Fred Astaire.                                                   36. [33] Small Town Girl (1953) – Bobby Van.                                                             37. [34] Anchors Aweigh (1945) – Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra.                       38. [35] Show Boat (1936) – Sammy White and Queenie Smith.                         39. [36] Top Hat (1935) – Fred Astaire.                                                                           40. [37] Broadway Melody of 1936 – Eleanor Powell.                                                       41. [38] Roberta (1935) – Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.                                    42. [39] Love ’em and Leave ’em (1926) – Louise Brooks.                                      43. [40] Singin’ in the Rain (1952) – Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds, and Gene Kelly.                                                                                                                                       44. [41] Babes in Arms (1939) – Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney.                   45. [42] 42nd Street (1933) – chorus.                                                                           46. [43] Till the Clouds Roll By (1946) – Judy Garland.                                             47. [44] The Band Wagon (1953) – Cyd Charisse and Fred Astaire.                    48. [45] Born to Dance (1936) – Eleanor Powell.                                                      49. Broadway Melody of 1936 – Eleanor Powell.                                                        50. Honolulu (1939) – Eleanor Powell.                                                                              51. [46] Rosalie (1937) – Eleanor Powell.                                                                     52. [47] Swing Time (1936) – Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.                            53. [48] Ziegfeld Follies (1945) – Lucille Ball (with whip).                                    54. Top Hat (1935) – Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.                                             55. [49] Follow the Fleet (1936) – Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.                             56. [50] Cover Girl (1944) – Gene Kelly, Rita Hayworth and Phil Silvers.         57. [51] Thousands Cheer (1943) – Eleanor Powell.                                                 58. Anchors Aweigh (1945) – Jerry Mouse and Gene Kelly.                                     59. [52] Royal Wedding (1951) – Fred Astaire.                                                          60. [53] Way out West (1937) – Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel.                             61. [54] The Red Shoes (1948) – Moira Shearer.                                                        62. [55] Blue Skies (1946) – Fred Astaire.                                                                   63. [56] Boarding House Blues (1948) – the Berry Brothers.                                 64. [57] Panama Hattie (1942) – the Berry Brothers.                                               65. [58] The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle (1939) – Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.                                                                                                                               66. [59] Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) – James Cagney.                                              67. [60] Broadway Melody of 1938 – Buddy Ebsen, Eleanor Powell and George Murphy.                                                                                                                              68. [61] An American in Paris (1951) – Georges Guétary.                                       69. [62] The Little Colonel (1935) – Bill Robinson and Shirley Temple.            70. Stormy Weather (1943) – the Nicholas Brothers.                                             71. [63] Shall We Dance? (1937) – Fred Astaire                                                           72. Easter Parade (1948) – Fred Astaire.                                                                       73. [64] On the Avenue (1937) – the Ritz Brothers.                                                  74. [65] Hellzapoppin’ (1941) – Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers.                                    75. Lady Be Good (1941) – Eleanor Powell.                                                                  76. Stormy Weather (1943) – the Nicholas Brothers.                                               77. Panama Hattie (1942) – the Berry Brothers.                                                         78. Singin’ in the Rain (1952) – Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly.                                                                                                                                    79. Stormy Weather (1943) – the Nicholas Brothers.                                              80. Panama Hattie (1942) – the Berry Brothers.                                                        81. [66] That’s Entertainment, Part 2 (1976) – Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.   82. Ziegfeld Follies (1945) – Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire.                                    83. That’s Entertainment, Part 2 (1976) – Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.

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Hermosas Mujeres y Sus Trajes de Baño (Capítulo 10)

For the 10th collection here of beautiful women of the past, I present the bathing beauty edition. Ample proof that it is not the amount of bare skin presented that defines sexiness.

The first section is from the Golden Age of Hollywood:

The second group is a collection those random post cards of anonymous bathing beauties that they seem to sell at every seaside resort. (I remember seeing them where I grew up at the Jersey Shore and good never figure out who their intended audience was.)

The rest are collected from a variety of sources over the last year or so. They date from the Victorian Era to the Atomic Age.

And, the last picture is of girls defying the ban on two-piece bathing suits on the beaches of southern Florida. One of them might well be my mother who always said that at age 15 she was the first person arrested for wearing one on Miami Beach. That was in 1933 which matches the date of the photo and the girl under the sign does look like her.



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21+ lbs 11.5″ diameter (9.9kg,28.5cm)

I just added about a pound of rubber bands to my ball. Every one is a rubber band l found or that came on produce l bought.

It’s around 20-23 years worth of collecting.

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21+ lbs 11.5″ diameter (9.9kg,28.5cm)

I just added about a pound of rubber bands to my ball. Every one is a rubber band l found or that came on produce l bought.

It’s around 20-23 years worth of collecting.

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In an otherwise bleak month…

I had reason to update my Free Chelsea Manning shirts.

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There’s Nowhere Like the Great White North

I’ve been collecting these images of the great nation to our north for some time, intending to post them with a story of how I celebrated their Centennial 50 years ago by hitchhiking from Montreal to Alaska but in honor of their Prime Minister demonstrating what real leadership looks like after the racist attack on a Quebec mosque I have decided to post them today.screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-10-57-39-pm


This is me at age 14 standing on the bank of the Yukon River just outside of Dawson City, Y.T. in 1967. My companion and I had paddled that small (14 ft/4.10m) canoe 460 mi./740 km. from Whitehorse.

Oh, Canada!

acid_picdump_67 work_fails_job_lols_42 acid_picdump_24-1 random_facts_08 acid_picdump_35 acid_picdump_18 only_in_canada_41 only_in_canada_38 only_in_canada_35 only_in_canada_30 only_in_canada_26 only_in_canada_17 only_in_canada_14 funny-advertising-weapon-notice-sky-house acid_picdump_21 there_i_fixed_it_45 funny-canadian-police-plan-domination acid_picdump_61-2 acid_picdump_49-1 acid_picdump_66 acid_picdump_73 facts_34 acid_picdump_91 acid_picdump_74 daily_picdump_1330_640_57 funny_picdump_1316_640_54 daily_picdump_1305_640_05-copy morning_picdump_2009_640_31 daily_gifdump_1144_10 sometimes_sht_happens_and_you_cant_fight_it_640_high_19 these_pictures_will_tell_you_all_about_trust_issues_and_why_they_are_legit_640_06 daily_picdump_1294_640_38 funny_picdump_1284_640_27 funny_picdump_1284_640_high_13 daily_picdump_1286_640_07 funny_picdump_1281_640_41 morning_picdump_1999_640_50 if_it_looks_stupid_but_it_works_its_not_stupid_640_42 things_you_wont_see_happening_anywhere_else_but_in_canada_640_51 things_you_wont_see_happening_anywhere_else_but_in_canada_640_52 things_you_wont_see_happening_anywhere_else_but_in_canada_640_47 things_you_wont_see_happening_anywhere_else_but_in_canada_640_44 things_you_wont_see_happening_anywhere_else_but_in_canada_640_41 things_you_wont_see_happening_anywhere_else_but_in_canada_640_38 things_you_wont_see_happening_anywhere_else_but_in_canada_640_37 things_you_wont_see_happening_anywhere_else_but_in_canada_640_31 things_you_wont_see_happening_anywhere_else_but_in_canada_640_29 things_you_wont_see_happening_anywhere_else_but_in_canada_640_27 things_you_wont_see_happening_anywhere_else_but_in_canada_640_21 things_you_wont_see_happening_anywhere_else_but_in_canada_640_20 things_you_wont_see_happening_anywhere_else_but_in_canada_640_11 things_you_wont_see_happening_anywhere_else_but_in_canada_640_09 things_you_wont_see_happening_anywhere_else_but_in_canada_640_05 if_you_only_have_one_job_to_do_do_it_right_640_41 daily_picdump_1269_640_54 daily_picdump_1272_640_09 daily_picdump_1274_640_06 daily_picdump_2172_640_23 daily_picdump_2168_640_74 funny_picdump_1255_640_47 meanwhile_in_australia_640_25 daily_picdump_2170_640_high_83 grownup_corner_227_640_37 hilarious_memes_that_will_make_your_day_640_31 short_simple_jokes_and_puns_that_will_get_you_a_laugh_every_time_640_15 canadian_slang_that_americans_dont_understand_640_06 daily_picdump_2157_640_57 dxyyyuw daily_picdump_2142_640_13 daily_picdump_2135_640_64 daily_picdump_2138_640_51 daily_picdump_2141_640_42 daily_picdump_2118_640_26 morning_picdump_943_640_51 daily_picdump_2098_640_01 daily_picdump_2094_640_10

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Found in the Haight

I found this lost mouse near where l live at Haight & Masonic. I washed it and put it in the window in hopes of getting it back to the youngster to whom it once belonged.

If you live around here please spread it on social media and help me make some kid’s day/week/year/life a bit brighter.

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Let’s Google-Bomb Drumpf with “President Bannon”

Counter-chaos strategy for media and activists: substitute “President Bannon” for ‘President Trump’ in searches and Tweet #PresidentBannon and post it in every bit of social media we have

Flood the airwaves and internet with that substitution.

Google bomb it. (I’ve already done several searches for it)

Sow division between them. Trump will not tolerate the insinuation.

It won’t matter that Bannon defers to him in private. And a less shallow person would just blow it off  but perception is all that matters to him.



The 36 Stratagems

“Let the enemy’s own spy sow discord in the enemy camp”

  • Undermine your enemy’s ability to fight by secretly causing discord between him and his friends, allies, advisors, family, commanders, soldiers, and population. While he is preoccupied settling internal disputes, his ability to attack or defend is compromised.

Historical note on ‘The Thirty-Six Stratagems’:

The Thirty-Six Stratagems have variably been attributed to Sun Tzu from the Spring and Autumn period of China, or Zhuge Liang of the Three Kingdoms period, but neither are regarded as the true author by historians. Instead, the prevailing view is that the Thirty-Six Stratagems may have originated in both written and oral history, with many different versions compiled by different authors throughout Chinese history. Some stratagems reference occurrences in the time of Sun Bin, approx. 150 years after Sun Wu’s death.

The original hand-copied paperback that is the basis of the current version was believed to have been discovered in China’s Shaanxi province, of an unknown date and author, and put into print by a local publisher in 1941. The Thirty-Six Stratagems only came to the public’s attention after a review of it was published in the Chinese Communist Party’s Guangming Daily newspaper on September 16, 1961. It was subsequently reprinted and distributed with growing popularity.

Original idea by By Novalis53 at DailyKos


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Aurora Australis in Red


Red Aurora Over Australia

Red Aurora Over Australia

Image Credit & Copyright: Alex Cherney (Terrastro, TWAN)

Explanation: Why would the sky glow red? It’s the Aurora Australis which like its Borealis sister in the Northern Hemisphere is normally green.

But a solar storm in 2012, emanating mostly from active sunspot region 1402:

showered particles on the Earth that excited oxygen atoms high in the Earth’s atmosphere. As the excited element’s electrons fell back to their ground state, they emitted a red glow. Were oxygen atoms lower in Earth’s atmosphere excited, the glow would be predominantly green. Pictured here, this high red aurora is visible just above the horizon last week near Flinders, Victoria, Australia.

The sky that night, however, also glowed with more familiar but more distant objects, including the central disk of our Milky Way Galaxy on the left, and the neighboring Large and Small Magellanic Cloud galaxies on the right.

The time-lapse video below highlights auroras visible that night and puts the picturesque scene in context.

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/35630244″>Red Aurora Australis</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/terrastro”>Alex Cherney</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Source: Astronomy Picture of the Day

And here’s some more images of this beautiful orb we call home:


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THOUSANDS of Brave Soldiers Now Banned by Drumpf

President Trump’s much-feared Muslim immigration ban, among other things pretty much shuts down any immigration to the United States from Iraq. This includes THOUSANDS of Iraqis who acted as interpreters for our soldiers. At the time, they were promised that if this whole “occupation” thing didn’t work out, they’d be able to get a visa and move to the land of apple pie and Oxycontin. President Trump just slammed the door in their faces.


There are roughly 13,000 people, Iraqis and Afghans, in this same position. And maybe you don’t feel sorry for them, thinking, “A lot of sketchy stuff happens in that ‘Iraq’ place. Trump’s not saying they can never come in. We’ve just got to vet them.” But the thing is, we already fucking have. Haider Salman has been fighting alongside the U.S. in Iraq since Donald Trump was a reality television star: “[In 2007], I worked with first cav[alry]. 2008 with 101st airborne. 2009 with 25th Infantry division, [and in 2010] I worked with 25th infantry division and Oregon national guard.”


Haider Salman’s vehicle

During that last posting, “I got hit by IED eight times …” He started the application process for his visa back in 2012, and he admitted that the fact that it’s taken so long “was my fault.” See, he’s had a little trouble completing each part of the process in a timely matter. His only excuse is the massive, bloody war against ISIS.

And if Haider is stuck in Iraq, it’ll be for another (minimum) 60 days. That’s an eternity in “heavily armed militias want to kill you” time. He and Chase’s anonymous friend and thousands of other interpreters who fought and risked their lives on this country’s behalf just got a big orange middle finger from our 45th president. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that this guy …

… is reneging on another debt.

Source: Cracked.com

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