Small Things Come in Good Packages Too

Gulliver’s Gate, opening next month in New York City’s Times Square, spans an entire city block and transports guests throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, all through its whimsical and humorous miniature displays.

Created by model-makers from around the globe, the exhibit includes everything from Beijing’s Forbidden City to the destroyed Colossus of Rhodes in Greece, all 87 times smaller than their original size.

Inside this huge display of miniatures, America’s largest, everything is fascinatingly tiny.

One of the most exciting interactive elements to the exhibit is the 3D scanner that allows you to create a mini version of yourself and your friends.

Those who want to live in the model world can get their figurines placed in one of 20 locations of their choice, and have an extra copy to take home.

In the New York City model, the focus lies on buildings’ first five stories to mimic the street view you’d typically see when strolling through the city.

Details radiate throughout, from a replica of the intricate ceiling of Grand Central Terminal to tiny little screens against the windows that showcase what you’d see inside each of the structures.

You’ll also see modern buildings like the Standard Hotel, complete with glass windows showcasing figurines lounging in their room and even a group of mini partiers on its rooftop bar.

Visitors will also walk through the vast landscape of Asia, where they’ll see iconic landmarks like India’s Taj Mahal, Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, the historic Pearl Theater in China, Mount Everest, and Japan’s famed Mount Fuji.

Guests will be able to control all of the interactive scenes through a RFID key.

With the turn of the key, visitors can watch a monk descend in a tiny basket down a cliffside to join in on the celebrations in Santorini below, or watch zombie mummies chase after tourists in the ancient pyramids that lie within the Africa exhibit.

Each of these interactive depictions has clever audio and lighting elements, from little specks that light up when tourists are “taking photos” to musical figurines that range from the Rolling Stones and The Beatles to Adele and The Clash, all of whom you may catch performing a song during your tour through Great Britain.

The entire exhibit will also have a day and night cycle that will allow guests to see what the buildings look like in the “sunshine” during the day and lit up in the evening.

The exhibit’s model-makers come from the United States, Montreal, Italy, Russia, Israel, Denmark, Germany, and other nations across the world.

“We see this as being a truly global project and completely inclusive, so when any visitor comes here, whether they are a resident of the U.S. or a visitor to the U.S., we want them to see themselves in the models,” Hackett said.

Sources:  Gulliver’s Gate, Travel & Leisure Magazine

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