GoFundMe Collection for Medicine & First Aid to Venezuela 

This fund has been set up by my beautiful (inside and out) daughter to send medical supplies to Venezuela.

82% of people in Venezuela are living in poverty. People are starving, babies are malnourished, there is little food, and no medicine. Everyday this week, the public has gone to the streets to peacefully protest Nicolas Maduro’s dictatorship and has been met with bullets, tear gas and violence. Venezuela needs freedom NOW.

Venezuela is being governed by drug kingpins and criminals. The situation affects every Venezuelan- regardless of socioeconomic or educational status. 100% of ALL funds of this campaign will go toward first aid materials, medicine or shipment costs.

The first aid supplies will be delivered directly to a group of medical students at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. These brave young students have been taking to the streets to help anyone that has been hurt by the oppressive armed forces.

About me: I am a Venezuelan living in NYC. I am saddened everyday by what is happening in Venezuela and sending first aid is just one of the ways that I can help from NY. I will be gathering first aid supplies from other Venezuelans in New York this week, and will use these funds to send the shipments to Caracas (or Miami- where an organization is gathering supplies). Any money that is not used for shipping costs will be used to buy extra first aid supplies and medicines.

Source: Medicine & First Aid to Venezuela by Aurora Kearney – GoFundMe

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