The One Moment by OK Go

Another spectacular video presentation by the group OK Go. This time sponsored by Morton Salt to direct attention to 5 noble charities they have have chosen to support under their Walk Her Walk #walkherwalk program.

I can’t improve on her description so I’m using the description from an email from Whitney Avalon (she of the delightful Princess Rap Battle and many other humorous videos) that directed me to the video:

Oh man. Those OKGO guys. They make music videos that are events, that are like nothing anyone has seen before. Always innovating, always topping themselves. Their latest involves about a thousand machine-timed actions happening in 4.2 seconds, then slowed down. It’s visual and bright and not easy to do – like all their work – and also done in collaboration with Morton Salt. But unlike a usual ad, where the brand is a drag, it’s classily integrated and if you click through you’ll see they’re supporting five extraordinary charities. OKGO, you make the most beautiful, meaningful messes!

After watching ‘The One Moment’ twice I went and watched the ‘Behind the Scenes’ video which for OK Go is just as fascinating as the finished work.


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