Japanese Unveil Super Cool Dinosaur Suits

Basically a cyber-suit or an animatronic costume, it is operated from the inside. So far it is part of a traveling show called Dino A Live. Here’s their press conference:

In Japanese and including shots of their feathered versions:


If your Japanese is as rusty (or non-existent) as mine, here’s the above in English:

“ON-ART (On Art)” who deals with modeling and planning has released a huge artificial Tyrannosaurus of 8 meters in length for the press. It said that a person enters inside and steers with a steering wheel or the like, it is not like a robot but a big costume. “Currently we own 13 dinosaurs, which I plan to increase more than doubles in 2018. In the future I would like to create a dinosaur theme park, and it seems that my experience like the movie “Jurassic Park” is not a dream.”


On-Art, the company that produced it intends to use it as the basis for a semi-robotic version of Jurassic Park. Which, until machines become self-aware, should hopefully work out better than those originals.

Here’s what appears to be a rehearsal for the press conference:

This is a version of the show from 2012, they have obviously made great strides in their cybersuits since then:

While looking for those clips I found this cool Australian outfit that make dinos and other fantastic beasts like King Kong and flying dragons. They’re operated from the outside but look and act even more realistic.


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