Prison guards donate to keep pot illegal in California 

profit-1-1These groups and others like them stand to lose billions of dollars in funding obtained through ‘collars-for-dollars’ programs, federal anti-drug grants, and lost opportunities to seize cash and cars through asset forfeitures.

In 2014, U.S. police seized more citizens’ property without a conviction, than all the country’s burglars stole.

Marijuana is the number one drug arrest in America, and drug arrests are the number one type of arrest in the country. About 700,000 Americans will be arrested for pot each year, including about 20,000 Californians, down from recent highs of about 60,000.

Marijuana arrests disproportionately impact young people of color, the ACLU reports. Around sixty percent of Americans support ending cannabis’ prohibition.

Source: Prison guards donate to keep pot illegal in California – Smell the Truth

Here are the industries working hard to keep marijuana illegal

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