Extra Second Added to 2016 Today

Won’t this fucking year EVER be over?

Graphic designer Chris Barker has photoshopped a very 2016 take on the album art — which he has been updating over the past two months as more bad news rolled in.

Even science seems to have joined in to make this horrendous year a little bit worse: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/12/161228213356.htm
Charlie Brooker is a sarcastic and wonderfully British comic and in this video he disassembles this very terrible, very bad, very horrible year in a way that will turn your grimace into an occasional wry smirk.
I started this collection of political cartoons and imagery many months ago as a commentary on the election season:poli591745_v1 poli591339_v2 poliacid_picdump_92 poli-copy polifunny-germany-police-man-bar-son poliscreen-shot-2016-12-10-at-9-11-12-pm polilowbrow_humor_15 acid_picdump_35 poliscreen-shot-2016-11-22-at-6-09-52-pm polideath polifunny-cartoon-boat-hole-sinking poliacid_picdump_101 poliacid_picdump_47-2 poliacid_picdump_83-1 poliacid_picdump_41 poliacid_picdump_54 polinq161115 poliscreen-shot-2016-10-27-at-8-06-45-pm polinq161027 polidaily_picdump_1325_640_19 polidaily_picdump_1328_640_31 polidaily_picdump_1328_640_11 polimorning_picdump_2011_640_41 poliamusing_memes_to_make_you_laugh_out_loud_erwgb_640_35 polimorning_picdump_2009_640_35 polidaily_picdump_1306_640_26 polinq160909 poligrace polidaily_picdump_1298_640_high_71 polifunny_picdump_1291_640_45 polinq160905 polijaptrump polii_could_argue_but_i_completely_agree_640_10 polidaily_picdump_1297_640_49 poli30 polidaily_picdump_1286_640_59 polimemes_to_amuse_your_tired_mind_640_21 polimorning_picdump_1997_640_51 polidaily_gifdump_1127_26 polifdzone-php politru polimorning_picdump_1993_640_08 presidentwilson polimorning_picdump_1986_640_30 polimorning_picdump_1987_640_34 polinq160810 564559_v1 564224_v1 564226_v1 564210_v1 564223_v1 564225_v1 polifunny_picdump_1264_640_high_11 poliamazing_cosplays_youre_doing_it_right_640_38 polimorning_picdump_1983_640_49 polidaily_picdump_1265_640_24 screen-shot-2016-07-21-at-2-52-18-pm polinq160721 polizone-php politrump-2 polidaily_picdump_2171_640_high_21 polimorning_picdump_1977_640_47 polisome_things_you_just_cant_argue_with_640_54 polisome_things_you_just_cant_argue_with_640_30 polidaily_picdump_2163_640_65 polifunny_picdump_1249_640_39 polidaily_picdump_2164_640_48 polidaily_picdump_2164_640_14 policool-security-crop-glue-justice poli polifunny_picdump_1238_640_22 polidaily_picdump_2150_640_38 polidaily_picdump_2154_640_80 polidaily_picdump_2138_640_34 poli19 polifunny_picdump_1211_640_14 polifunny_picdump_1214_640_01 polifunny_picdump_1215_640_21 polizone-1-php polifunny_picdump_1218_640_high_27 polifunny_picdump_1221_640_high_03 polih
polidaily_picdump_2117_640_33 polidaily_picdump_2119_640_64 polidaily_picdump_2125_640_46 polinrtvh4o
The rest of these are images of or about the candidate who was cheated out of consideration by the DCC or his opponent.
I think Sanders would have beat Trump if only because many of Trump’s voters only came out to vote against Sec. Clinton. Against Bernie they would probably have just stayed home or abstained. So despite the Democratic Party’s almost instant blaming of 3rd party candidacies for their loss, we can really thank Hillary and her DC-insider supporters for Trump’s election victory.
509326_v1 bernair bernburn berndaily_picdump_2069_640_94 bernhillary bernhilliraq bernhilly-v-bernie-donors bernhrc bernie_big_mural berniefunny_picdump_1078_640_18 bernieinaction bernieposter-e1453755857207 bernimorning_picdump_888_640_24 bernimorning_picdump_888_640_25 bernimorning_picdump_895_640_14 bernits_so_true_you_cant_even_argue_with_that_640_39 bernmorning_picdump_927_640_10 bernnttl1sw bernquote bernrs_500x259-151015094448-bernie_gif bernterriblepolitician bernwe birdie-sanders-sticker-160329-500px bshc ca0e1vvw0aa5lxd cbm0mpmuyaaumqw funny_picdump_1169_640_32 psltfd7lro1x screen-shot-2016-04-07-at-12-31-56-pm separated-at-birth-bernie-mick-a1ff86 true tzrg3fz


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