Another Gem on Haight Street

Parked in front of what was originally the German American Savings Bank. Until 1915 when, in the wave of anti-German sentiment became part of the Bank of California. That xenophobia also tuned ‘morgen brot’ (morning bread) and sauerkraut into French toast and liberty cabbage.

Sure glad my homeland has outgrown that sort of silliness. /s

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1 Response to Another Gem on Haight Street

  1. tigressa27 says:

    stan! i would love to be in touch re new hyper-local magazine i’m spearheading: Haight Street Voice … will be 12-page full color glossy print mag late January 2017 — would adore meeting and talking about you contributing/being involved. i live on page/masonic … michael xavier has mentioned your name many a time. be well. 415-309-4912 and my book:


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