Your Chance to Buy the “Flintstones House”!



This fun-looking boulder shaped house that you’ve probably seen from I-280 is up for sale and they’ve knocked a cool $1 million off the asking price!

Even from I-280, it’s easy to see this isn’t a normal house.

It’s made from ferro-cement that was an off-white color when I first saw it in 1976. Today it’s a festive purple and orange.

Tile and site specific art cover the entire home and match the exterior.

Curved ceilings and recessed lighting throughout.

The kitchen features a center island attached to the roof of the house, which also features a skylight.

The current owners bought the property in 1996 for $800,000.

The realtor’s website for the house has an interactive 3D feature, check it out. And if you have an extra $3.2 million laying around please invite me to the house warming!

Alain Pinel Realty:

Of course the best part is that your rich Woodside neighbors who live in boring, mundane suburban tract homes hate it and consider it an eyesore.

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