6 Horrifying Acts Of Desperation & Fear Caused By Spiders | Cracked.com

For the archnophiles among us, this behavior is beyond amusing and just bizarre. They eat fucking mosquitos! They’re our friends!

Most people jump when a spider gets too close, but not everyone. Some go so far beyond the natural “shriek and flail” reaction that they completely disappear over the horizon, abandon their children, or even threaten mass shootings at the sight of some eight-legged freak.

When you finally figure out what that little tickle was on the back of your neck (probably just a brown recluse), just try to keep the undignified screaming under control.

Source: 6 Horrifying Acts Of Desperation & Fear Caused By Spiders | Cracked.com

And for those of you who lack an irrational fear of them, here’s a burrow full. (not all arachnids, just some of their cool cousins.)


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