The Coming Left-Wing Majority | Jacobin

I have been waiting for this wake-up call to happen for the last 50 years. I’m happy to have lived long enough to see it and know that my kids are part of this sea-change.

A lot of demographic research is showing that this is radically changing among younger voters. Not just in the Democratic Party, where younger voters are moving, galloping, to the left, but also among younger Republican voters, who are far less conservative than their Republican elders.

As this Vox piece reports:

Piles of research had already indicated that the youngest generation is much more liberal than its predecessors.But it turns out it’s not just that young people are in general more likely to identify as liberal or that young liberals are to the left of older liberals — though both of these phenomena do appear to be true.

It turns out young Republicans are also likely to be to the left of older Republicans, according to a new study from Gary C. Jacobson, a political scientist at the University of California San Diego.

Perhaps just as surprising: Fewer young Republicans are willing to identify themselves as conservative.

Source: The Coming Left-Wing Majority | Jacobin

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