A more reality-based title for this article would be: “None of Hillary’s Personal Stories are Truthful”

Is Hillary’s Personal Story About Student Loans a Fabrication?

Her claim:
“I know [student loan forgiveness] works because Bill and I did that. We both borrowed money when we went to law school and we paid it back as a percentage of our income, so I could go to work at the Children’s Defense Fund, not some big law firm that would pay me more. I wanted to do the work I loved…I want everyone to have that chance.”

Hillary Clinton tells this story to struggling students. She told it to minority students in Mississippi in November, 2015,  and she recently told it againto minority students in Brooklyn.

The odds are high that Hillary’s story is a fabrication. In all likelihood, her family had enough income to afford Yale Law School in the early 1970s. At that time, the tuition was well in reach for an upper middle class.

But there’s a bigger problem with Hillary’s story: The loan forgiveness program she refers to didn’t exist in the early 1970s.

Source: Is Hillary’s Personal Story About Student Loans a Fabrication? | Alternet

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