NASA’s GL-10 Greased Lightning, a 10-engine electric VTOL UAV

2 weeks back a prototype of Nasa’s 10 electric engine UAV Greased Lightning GL-10 made a successful test flight.
It is an unmanned hybrid-electric aircraft that can swivel its wings and engines — into the vertical position for vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), and then horizontal for conventional flight.



A tethered test from last August

vtol2 gl10-preflight  nasa-greased-lightning-ground-640x333 vtol1

The fairly recent advent of electric propulsion — thanks in large to the growing power and energy density of batteries — allows for some very efficient hybrid-electric aircraft designs that could finally replace the current (massively inefficient) king of VTOL: the helicopter.

Here’s a video of the preparation and flight:

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2 Responses to NASA’s GL-10 Greased Lightning, a 10-engine electric VTOL UAV

  1. C.S. Weaver says:

    That was really cool. Thanks.


  2. drproxis says:

    It’s a little smaller than I anticipated.


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