SATISFACTION: 50 Images for 50 Years

50 years ago on 12 May 1965 the Rolling Stones recorded this little number:

Here are 50 record covers and other images of that timeless hit:

86ed5550-920b-012d-e411-0050569439b1  543467cfec9ee291c4783ee62cb53b13 1760294 19464820 artworks-000006888659-4bvspe-crop b6d23c12eadbbedb5c03c6964293bea9 cover-RollingStone-198311-43797 dinodeisubully76 GetSatisfaction Gimme_Shelter_Rolling_Stones images-1 images-2 images-3 2011images-4 images-5 images maxresdefault No2_Jpn P1050659 R-1151998-1298360971.jpeg Rolling Stones - Live On Shindig 1965 MP3 CD rolling_stomes_satisfaction_ita Rolling-Stones-16-Exitos-De-Oro-50789 Rolling-Stones-I-Cant-Get-No-Sat-106571 Rolling-Stones-I-Cant-Get-No-Sat-610432

Rolling-Stones-Out-Of-Our-Heads-403287 Rolling-Stones-Satisfaction---Ja-62386 Rolling-Stones-Satisfaction-1 Rolling-Stones-Satisfaction-4 Rolling-Stones-Satisfaction-5 Rolling-Stones-Satisfaction-6-reverse Rolling-Stones-Satisfaction-6 Rolling-Stones-Satisfaction-7-Netherlands Rolling-Stones-Satisfaction-8 Rolling-Stones-Satisfaction-9 Rolling-Stones-Satisfaction-49272 Rolling-Stones-Satisfaction-101224 Rolling-Stones-Satisfaction-123745  Rolling-Stones-Satisfaction-147441 Rolling-Stones-Satisfaction-Cove-334884 Rolling-Stones-Satisfaction-EPL-92108 rolling-stones-slick-b

A digital billboard at the intersection of Dierker and Henderson Roads in Columbus appears to be heralding the announcement of a concert tour coming this Thursday. (Dispatch Photo by Barbara J. Perenic)


rs_rs showpic.aspx the_rolling_stones-satisfaction the-rolling-stones-satisfaction-7-45-ep-1965-french-record-79-603-ex-vg-ex_9843665

The Rolling Stones at a press conference at the Beverly Rodeo Hotel, Los Angeles, 10th July 1965. Left to right: Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The Rolling Stones, 10th July 1965. 

And here’s DEVO in Paris on Chorus TV just 13 years later:

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