World’s largest pyramid

I thought that after climbing the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan my pyramid climbing days were behind me but my desire to get out of Mexico City brought me to Cholula and the chance to take on the biggest EVER ANYWHERE.
Not only was it awe-inspiring in sheer magnitude it had several other unique traits as well.
Entry began through several hundred meters of tunnels that had been dug to explore the interior of the pyramid and allowed me to see small sections of the three earlier pyramids that had been built over.
And, as mentioned below, from the top I got to see a smoking volcano. And then got a bit wet when those fumes condensed the moisture in the air into rain but it’s only water. But it’s FUCKING MEXICAN VOLCANO RAIN!!
And I think that’s pretty damn cool.

I’m adding a few pictures from the site’s small museum to show the scale model. On one side is a small green door shape where I entered the tunnels underneath.

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