A Museum Not Found in any Guidebook

I’ve been passing the Museo de los Ferrocarriles de Yucatan (Train Museum of the Yucatan) as I go to and from downtown for over a week and today I dropped in for a visit. To get a small idea of how loud this first thing is I suggest you crank up the volume:

Here’s some of the many photos I took there today:


This is the oldest train car in Mexico. Admittedly, it needs a little work:

IMG_20150210_132525 IMG_20150210_132551

Row after row, every car type is well represented. By Pullman and GM and GE. And by Canada’s Hawker-Siddely.IMG_20150210_133923 IMG_20150210_134315 IMG_20150210_135026 IMG_20150210_135833 IMG_20150210_135821 IMG_20150210_140129 IMG_20150210_140823 IMG_20150210_141342

A couple, including the one behind the oldest one above, have been primed and due to get a new livery.

IMG_20150210_133524 IMG_20150210_133644IMG_20150210_135905(some day)

I decided to take one for a spin


so I opened the throttles all the wayIMG_20150210_134038

but then got a look at the other side of the controls.IMG_20150210_133949

Some of their insides are accessible too. Including this old beauty by Pullman:

:IMG_20150210_133136 IMG_20150210_133202 IMG_20150210_133217 IMG_20150210_133238

Others, in various stages of decay and restoration:


And a look at a First Class compartment that reminded me of “North By Northwest” (though I hope theirs smelled better):

IMG_20150210_135201IMG_20150210_135312IMG_20150210_135221those sinks and toilets used to fold up and a folding wall would open divide that into two compartments.

And few random items in closing:

IMG_20150210_140304 IMG_20150210_140723 IMG_20150210_141454 IMG_20150210_141656 IMG_20150210_141554 IMG_20150210_141436

And amidst the debris and decay, life and beauty:


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2 Responses to A Museum Not Found in any Guidebook

  1. ted falconi says:

    stan you might want to send them to google as places/pins quite the adventure…


  2. Good idea but this Android pad is so clumsy that this post took about 55 minutes to create that I will wait til I get home.


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