My colorful walk home from work

I decided today to share the colorful beauty that surrounds me by recording only the flora that I pass on the few blocks from the bus to my guest home.

Every one of these was taken today along the sidewalk but I skipped the roses as too mundane.

IMG_20150209_142626 IMG_20150209_142643 IMG_20150209_144817 IMG_20150209_145629 IMG_20150209_145639 IMG_20150209_145710 IMG_20150209_145800 IMG_20150209_145839 IMG_20150209_145839 IMG_20150209_145922 IMG_20150209_150055 IMG_20150209_150158 IMG_20150209_150210 IMG_20150209_150249 IMG_20150209_150310 IMG_20150209_150416 IMG_20150209_150427 IMG_20150209_150558 IMG_20150209_150608 IMG_20150209_155615 IMG_20150209_155632 IMG_20150209_155701 IMG_20150209_155710 IMG_20150209_155736 IMG_20150209_155756 IMG_20150209_130421 IMG_20150209_130523

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