After the nearly overwhelming encounter with 100s of vendors selling crap at Chichen Itza, the beauty and tranquility of Uxmal was a welcome respite.

Though I was greeted by this in the men’s room:


Front and rear views of the Pyramid of the Magician.IMG_20150208_105908 IMG_20150208_110137  That king was a small person so the stairs on the front, or sunrise side, are much shorter than usual.

IMG_20150208_111520Those on the reverse are of the usual height and steepness.

IMG_20150208_111533 IMG_20150208_112702

Lots of birds around there

IMG_20150208_111440 IMG_20150208_111733

And other feathered creatures like Kuk’l KanKan:IMG_20150208_115134 IMG_20150208_120811

Or that owl next to him.

And mm lots of signs that this little cutie has LOTS of friends.


Fair warning. I often feel this way in the morning.IMG_20150208_123336

What looks like a wall is steps:IMG_20150208_123446

About a third of the way up:


I made it to the top:


And was rewarded with this view:IMG_20150208_123845

And then had to make my descent…IMG_20150208_124717

Unfortunately, this Android pad makes me load each picture individually which takes clicking thru five windows for each one. So here’s a few more, sans captions:

IMG_20150208_125506 IMG_20150208_125535 IMG_20150208_125759 IMG_20150208_125817 IMG_20150208_125535 IMG_20150208_125834

Once used for grinding corn:


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