Chichen Itza!

Since I was a kid reading about it in National Geographic magazine I’ve imagined visiting Chichen Itza.

despite the overwhelming number of vendors saying “$1 Mister.” and  “$1 señor” it is as fantastic as I imagined.

IMG_20150207_114548 IMG_20150207_114555 IMG_20150207_115221 IMG_20150207_115437 IMG_20150207_120604 IMG_20150207_130738 IMG_20150207_124004 IMG_20150207_132748 IMG_20150207_121027 IMG_20150207_123307

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2 Responses to Chichen Itza!

  1. More captions later, going to Uxmal today!


  2. doncfrench says:

    Chichen Itza and Uxmal are amazing. But there are many other smaller, yet very interesting sites throughout the Yucatan that, at least when I visited in 1995, were completely empty of tourists and vendors. I am planning on re-visiting some of them as well as some others in an upcoming trip this March.


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