Four Brothers Furniture on Crack!

Those of you who have lived in San Francisco for a while may remember a Mission District store called Four Brothers Furniture. It was at the corner of 18th and Mission in that beautiful enameled steel building and had the most marvelously outrageous collection of furnishings you have ever seen.

Yesterday I found its superior. The same store times a thousand. No, times 10,000! Here are a few of the pictures I took:

IMG_20150204_154232That, is a chair. I was dying to but didn’t want to risk trying her/it out.

IMG_20150204_151039That, is a life-sized horse.

This is what drew me into the store in the first place. It stands about 4-5 ft./120-150 cm tall. The store is so packed full of stuff that I actually had to go outside to get the full body:IMG_20150204_150414 IMG_20150204_151141

IMG_20150204_151604I wanted to get this for my pal Robin.

How about a little UK uber allies? This was just part of the massive UK-themed selection.IMG_20150204_151806

Remember those giant bottles that they used to use for roadside ads?

I think this is what they do with the caps:IMG_20150204_151913

I took at least 10-15 more with my camera because my phone was dying. If I figure out how get them off that memory card I’ll add them.

I did buy one thing. A gift for Lily Prillinger, the Haight’s  cool bike cop.

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