Amazing Elephant GigaPans

If you have never explored the wondrous world of GigaPan you simply must. It uses a proprietary software to stitch together long exposure digital panorama photos in incredible detail.
You can pan and zoom in on things many meters away using the tools on the screen
WARNING: This is a real rabbit hole!
(for those of you from other lands, the phrase ‘rabbit hole’ is a reference to Alice in Wonderland and means an internet site that one can get lost in for hours)

I just went and looked up ‘Elephant’ and found these 5 among the many that search brought up:

Sunset #1 at the Okaukuejo camp waterhole in Etosha National Park, Namibia.

By Rick Park


Sunset #2 at the Okaukuejo camp waterhole in Etosha National Park, Namibia.


  • Elephants at Pilanesberg by Illah Nourbakhsh
  • 2524-648x360
  • This series of two car roof-top shots show animals in their natural habitat and demonstrate how well their skin color and texture work at hiding them in a wide view.
  • Elephant Terrace by ted Brattstrom
  • 120318-1050x65This massive line of elephants is half of the stone terrace and entrance to another temple complex. On the far right of the pan, is the entrance – and beyond that is a “mirror” of this – with more elephants.Most elephants are bas-relief – but periodically, you’ll see groups of elephants (typically 3) emerging from the wall with heads and trunks.Mahango, Namibia by Johan
  • 59418-1050x116-1

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  1. ted falconi says:

    if you like gigapan .. check out sticker.. it is software driven not hardware.


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