18 Fascinating Items From RadioShack’s Corporate Memorabilia Auction 

via Consumerist

As part of closing down, RadioShack is emptying out the company museum at its headquarters, and its corporate archives and vault of memorabilia. That means that the company is selling some valuable and cool items, and some boxes of random crap that seemingly have no value to anyone. Here’s a tour of the best items in the auction (running until July 3rd), with some cool stuff like this metal bank:

and some random boxes of crap.

Update, 6/5/17: Consumerist noticed that some of these links were no longer working, notably the awesome 1984 Sales Leader belt buckle. They checked in with UBid Estates, the local company running this corporate estate sale, and they told us that RadioShack asked them to take down around 140 items, without giving a reason why.

All of these are real things that you can bid on until July 3, along with Leaders Club jewelry, photos of past company executives, and some very weird corporate art.

Source: 18 Fascinating Items From RadioShack’s Corporate Memorabilia Auction – Consumerist

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