The Last Leg – A BRILLIANT UK comedy panel SHOW

The Last Leg started as a one-time color commentary on the Special Olympics but was such a success that it was picked up and turned into a hit series. It stars Aussie Adam Hills (who has had one leg since birth), Alex Booker (who has a variety of physical birth defects), and ‘posh’ British comedian Josh Widdicombe.

It is one of the funniest and most daring comedy panel shows I’ve ever seen. Their wit is often acerbic and they go places that no other comics would dare to venture and poke fun at themselves and their own foibles, both physical and social.

As a Yank I admit that I am often not familiar with the guests (which is fine because that inspires me to go and look the people up) and don’t get many of the UK-specific cultural and political references (which is embarrassing given their breadth of knowledge of what’s going on in the US)
But that being said, even with my own limitations, this is STILL consistently one of the most brilliant shows I have ever enjoyed.
This episode is the most recent, the 12th show of the 10th season but there are many more available on YouTube and they’re all worth watching.




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