Yarn Bombing Pachyderms!

Okay, not really ‘yarn bombing’ since it’s not done surreptitiously but from a practical standpoint I’d still say that wrapping Asian elephants in knitted wool sure comes close to it for its inherent coolness.
Below is a short video showing elephants being given beautiful sweaters because of a winter cold snap in Uttar Pradesh, India where their sanctuary is located and for whom the cold weather might be dangerous.
These are elephants, mostly old and weak, who were rescued from their brutal captivity.(<-hard to watch) Most were used to beg for alms, to perform stupid tricks, or used in religious festivals. They are lauded in religious rituals but the rest of their time they were kept chained to posts or penned and poorly fed and cared for and have been cruelly treated and, perhaps worst for such a social animal, kept away from other elephants for their entire lives.
I just bought three, one for each member of my family. You can
do so too if you’ve a mind to, they’re not expensive.
And here’s a jumbo collection of elephantine imagery:

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