Hermosas Mujeres y Sus Trajes de Baño (Capítulo 10)

For the 10th collection here of beautiful women of the past, I present the bathing beauty edition. Ample proof that it is not the amount of bare skin presented that defines sexiness.

The first section is from the Golden Age of Hollywood:

The second group is a collection those random post cards of anonymous bathing beauties that they seem to sell at every seaside resort. (I remember seeing them where I grew up at the Jersey Shore and good never figure out who their intended audience was.)

The rest are collected from a variety of sources over the last year or so. They date from the Victorian Era to the Atomic Age.

And, the last picture is of girls defying the ban on two-piece bathing suits on the beaches of southern Florida. One of them might well be my mother who always said that at age 15 she was the first person arrested for wearing one on Miami Beach. That was in 1933 which matches the date of the photo and the girl under the sign does look like her.



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