THOUSANDS of Brave Soldiers Now Banned by Drumpf

President Trump’s much-feared Muslim immigration ban, among other things pretty much shuts down any immigration to the United States from Iraq. This includes THOUSANDS of Iraqis who acted as interpreters for our soldiers. At the time, they were promised that if this whole “occupation” thing didn’t work out, they’d be able to get a visa and move to the land of apple pie and Oxycontin. President Trump just slammed the door in their faces.


There are roughly 13,000 people, Iraqis and Afghans, in this same position. And maybe you don’t feel sorry for them, thinking, “A lot of sketchy stuff happens in that ‘Iraq’ place. Trump’s not saying they can never come in. We’ve just got to vet them.” But the thing is, we already fucking have. Haider Salman has been fighting alongside the U.S. in Iraq since Donald Trump was a reality television star: “[In 2007], I worked with first cav[alry]. 2008 with 101st airborne. 2009 with 25th Infantry division, [and in 2010] I worked with 25th infantry division and Oregon national guard.”


Haider Salman’s vehicle

During that last posting, “I got hit by IED eight times …” He started the application process for his visa back in 2012, and he admitted that the fact that it’s taken so long “was my fault.” See, he’s had a little trouble completing each part of the process in a timely matter. His only excuse is the massive, bloody war against ISIS.

And if Haider is stuck in Iraq, it’ll be for another (minimum) 60 days. That’s an eternity in “heavily armed militias want to kill you” time. He and Chase’s anonymous friend and thousands of other interpreters who fought and risked their lives on this country’s behalf just got a big orange middle finger from our 45th president. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that this guy …

… is reneging on another debt.


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