5 Things Women Want Most (You Won’t Believe They Don’t Have) | Cracked.com

Another great serious Cracked article. This one describes 5 things that should be obvious but rarely are.

It includes this line:

“I’m not the biggest fan of the word “mansplaining” being used to describe women being talked down to by men, because when people get used to using trendy short words, they stop thinking about what those words mean.”

The use of these words (like Hillbots, Bernie Bros, feminazis, libtards, etc.) has really been bugging me. (I think they can largely be traced to Rush Limbaugh and the like) And even though they’re a pretty effective litmus test of someone’s lack of imagination, I really hate them. But I was unable to pin down exactly what it was that so annoyed me.

With the above, the author Christina H summed it up beautifully.

Source: 5 Things Women Want Most (You Won’t Believe They Don’t Have) | Cracked.com

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