Kay Pike’s Amazing Body Paint

Amazing Body Paint by Kay Pike

Kay Pike is a professional designer: mixed artist who also sells her own CanadaCosplay.com fashion line.

You will see her own digital artwork in the form of fantasy prints, websites, and advertising.

girl_has_insane_knowhow_in_body_painting_08 girl_has_insane_knowhow_in_body_painting_07 girl_has_insane_knowhow_in_body_painting_05 girl_has_insane_knowhow_in_body_painting_09 girl_has_insane_knowhow_in_body_painting_04 girl_has_insane_knowhow_in_body_painting_03 girl_has_insane_knowhow_in_body_painting_10 girl_has_insane_knowhow_in_body_painting_13 girl_has_insane_knowhow_in_body_painting_06 girl_has_insane_knowhow_in_body_painting_02Kay Pike even takes the time to model if the opportunity for fun and to lend a helping-hand is there.



Source: Kay Pike

And here’s some more costumery and people stylin’-


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