Unusual Number of Whales Seen in San Francisco Bay 

I love that whales are now entering the Bay fairly regularly.

In this case it appears that they came in looking for anchovies, probably headed here:


As many as four humpbacks at a time have been spotted flapping their tails and breaching in bay waters, apparently feeding on the anchovies and other schooling fish during incoming tides.

It’s normal for gray whales to wander into the bay, but humpbacks generally feed farther offshore and are not accustomed to navigating shallow water and narrow straits such as those in San Francisco Bay.

The NBC affiliate has several clips of the whales, (including one that was broadcast live during their evening newscast):

Source: Unusual Number of Whales Seen in San Francisco Bay | NBC Bay Area

Though we have a long way to go to catch up with Knudson Cove in Ketchikan, AK:

And here’s some more wet mammals:


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