My Deposit in the Karma Credit Union

In the midst of a troublesome return from AT&T Park that involved the pedal crank breaking off my bicycle I came across this soccer ball in the Panhandle of GGPark.

A Rec & Park person and an SFPD officer told me it was unowned and to take it if I wanted. I figured that if it was still there after I dropped my bike at Freewheel Cyclery I’d grab it for one of the neighborhood kids.

It was and when I picked it up I found that it had a 415 phone number. So I called it and told the guy who answered that I had his soccer ball. He was surprised when I told him where I was since he had ‘lost’ it (or had it borrowed) out at SF State 2 weeks ago!

So this Saturday Jamal is coming by to get his ball. If he asks I’ll tell him the only reward I want is for him to pay it forward.

(and oh yeah, credit unions rule, banks suck!)

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