A Sad Anniversary

May 9th is always a tough day for me. It’s the anniversary of the day my mother died on Mother’s Day. I was 25, she was 59.


The header picture on my blog today might contain her too. Perhaps the girl under the sign who appears to be about to flash her breasts at the news photographer.mommiami.png

She had always boasted about being the first person to be arrested for wearing a two-piece bathing suit on Miami Beach and that might be her.

Fortunately, in a letter sent a few months before she died, I had told my mom how much I admired her, how well she had done her job, and how well her kids turned out.
Basically, what every parent wants to hear from their kids.
So, while it was horribly sad (and still hurts), it was not as devastating as it might have been had these things been left unsaid.

So, if you like who you are, think your parents did a decent job, and can see them in what you do and how you act, make sure you let them know. Even if they’re not elderly or sick, just let them know.

Before it’s too late.bigmom

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2 Responses to A Sad Anniversary

  1. JET says:

    That last picture looks like mom so much it’s creepy. But in a good way.


  2. marlie c says:

    beautiful post Stan, thanks for sharing xo


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