Psycho-Science News of the Week-7 May

I regularly collect and share with various friends and associates who work in the field articles about research developments in the neuropsychiatric science and have decided to post those articles here as well.
This week’s:

Study shows how memories can be intentionally forgotten


Having an overactive immune system may prime you for depression

Human Intelligence Determined By Volume And Location Of Gray Matter Tissue In Brain

Atrial fibrillation patients treated with warfarin have higher rates of dementia, new study finds

This last one concerned me because I had AF and it is treated with rat poison (i.e., warfarin) but careful examination of the study found that it does not apply because my hypertension and warfarin levels are both carefully monitored and it is the rise and fluctuation in both that lead to the dementia.

And, to go with that, here’s some light-hearted looks at the therapeutic world:

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