Appeals Court Reinstates Fraud Case Against Drumpf University 


Back in Aug. 2013, the New York State Attorney General’s office sued Donald Trump and Trump University, alleging that the for-profit investment school had tricked students out of $40 million by misleading them into thinking they were paying for a licensed education program with instructors handpicked by Trump. Today, a state appeals court panel breathed new life into the lawsuit, meaning the fraud case can move forward.

The school was launched in 2004, but Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says that the state repeatedly advised the program’s operators that it was violating state law by using the term “University” without a charter, and because it lacked a license to offer student instruction or training in New York.

Students paid upwards of $35,000 each to participate in the program, which advertised that the lecturers were “Donald Trump’s handpicked experts,” and that it could “turn anyone into a successful real estate investor, including you.”

But according to the state, only one person who spoke at Trump University presentationS had ever even met the real estate mogul.

Source: Appeals Court Reinstates Fraud Case Against Trump University – Consumerist

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