Over 180 Infrared Videos of Methane Pollution All Across The U.S.

Do you try to have a light carbon footprint? Do you concern yourself with the environmental impact of your actions?

Do you worry about pollution and try to mitigate your contribution?

The Porter Ranch methane leak, the largest in California history, release about 100,000 TONS of the greenhouse gas before it was capped. And it’s just one of almost 200 that are spewing this toxic gas into the atmosphere constantly. Few of these are in areas as affluent as Porter Ranch, which may be why it took that event to get the EPA off its damned ass.

Just as the worst methane leak in California’s history is sealed and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) acknowledged that America pollutes much more methane than previously estimated, Earthworks—the group that filmed the videos revealing the scope of the methane disaster in Los Angeles County—released a map of 180+ infrared videos of oil and gas methane pollution events across the country.

Scientists who flew an airplane equipped with sensors through the plume of natural gas leaking into the Porter Ranch area have found that at its peak, the nearly four-month leak released roughly 100,000 tons of methane — effectively doubling the methane emissions rate of the entire Los Angeles Basin.

Oil and gas development’s air pollution can cause health problems for communities living nearby.

But the energy industry claims there is no proof, and often gets away with it because the pollution is invisible.

The Citizens Empowerment Project brings communities the tools they need to provide compelling proof of what they’re living with. The FLIR GF320 camera, operated by our ITC-certified thermographers, provides infrared video evidence of air pollution from during oil and gas activities. The GF320 makes visible 20 normally invisible volatile organic compounds, including benzene (a carcinogen) and methane (a potent climate pollutant).

At least the Southern California Gas Co. has been ordered to keep paying the cost of housing for the Porter Ranch refugees (they originally wanted to give them 48 hours to move back). Clearly they got cocky and forgot the cardinal rule of resource exploitation: Don’t fuck with the rich people!

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