Follow South America’s Historical Changes via Maps

In recent times atlases have become a rarely consulted reference and many are being disassembled and the maps are being sold individually by people on eBay. As a book lover I hate to see this happen but after having my own copy sit untouched on the bookshelf for a decade, I understand. I saw prices from 99¢ to over $2,000 but most are between $10 and $50, even many from the 19th century.

So if you’re looking for a unique present at a reasonable price, there are thousands of maps of every imaginable place for sale online*.

This evening I went through about 4,000 maps of South America and put them into chronological order. They make a very interesting album. The earliest ones show the general misconceptions and lack of knowledge of European cartographers and as they progress forward through time, one can follow the political course through the changing borders over the last three centuries.



*There are 100s but I found most of the above at these online sellers:

Map Seller 01 mapseller01:

Grey Pilgrim Books and Maps:

Geographicus Maps:

Maps and Maps:

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1 Response to Follow South America’s Historical Changes via Maps

  1. lloydfield says:

    Hello Stan:
    Thank you for the time and effort in preparing this blog…..most helpful.
    I have a stamp with an image of South America dated 1829, but can not seem to locate it among your maps. Might you be willing to look at it and offer your opinion? If so, How do I go about attaching a PDF to your blog or email address?
    Many thanks…………………….Lloyd


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